DD – 肆

Dear Diary,

I saw Ann yesterday, and she has pimples on these
days… -_-

I guess i know what’s going on with pimples there. She
is upset, and cause she is too upset to overcome right moment, the
pimples come out with her sadness.

Well, I know she would be
alright 🙂 the sushi she made was delicious 😀 Is she gonna make me
pasta for Monday? LOL!!She still owe me a drawing, dear diary, you gonna
remind her, and she has to clean her room, and and and…. i pray for
our dearest diary… has she find the movie – 999-9999 yet? Hopefully
not 😛

You know, things happen suddenly, and sometimes we don’t
even know how to avoid it, but to think about this, I meant, we might be
sad, cause to be considered, what we’ve been doing with something/one
we care.Since it happened, we should change our attitude toward it or
try to change the feeling. If it’s yours then it gonna be yours, but if
it’s not yours , then the situation gonna make no difference if you try
to act differently.

At the end,

I wish Ann is happier than
ever 🙂

Love always,





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