DD – 貳

Dear Diary,

I am happy you are here again, being as a bridge
between us, to share the feeling with, I like to have you around

pity that I am going overseas from dearest Ann, and May Ann isn’t here
at moment as well, even tho Ann has uni friends with her, I don’t know
how closer they are, I don’t know whether they can help Ann overcome the

Therefore I am here to pray, pray for my dearest friend,
Ann, I hope she could be happy last forever, just like when she took me
to the korean take away shop — Happy House

Be there and be
happy 🙂

dear diary: Ann, my friend, she is like a nicest girl
in the world, how could you let her burst into tears last night….I was
helpless, that I could not even help her at all.. >"<

was… so much wanna be with her last night when I heard she cried out..

Please do!! Do makes she happier, ever!

Love always,





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